What to Wear

One of the first questions people ask me is, "What should we wear?"   One of the most frustrating things about getting a picture taken can be choosing the outfits. I will give you some guidelines, but go with something that really expresses you and your (or your family's) personality. 
1. I personally love brighter colors! I think they bring a lot of life to an image!
2. Bring chapstick for both boys and girls...dry lips are extremely hard to edit!  It doesn't need to look shiny like lipgloss, just regular chapstick will do!
3.  Try to avoid too much pattern as it can be distracting and take away from the person in the photo.
4. Polka dots and stripes are good though!  Be careful not to add too many different patterns though.
5. Head bands, jewelry, hats, ties, accessories, etc. all add to an image and an outfit and help make a photo more unique.
6.  I have a friend that is a stylist and would be able to help you do your hair, make up and clothes choices.  She will be giving me prices soon!
7. You can bring several outfits to the photoshoot that we can choose from.
8.  Try to stay in the same color family!  You don't need to all be wearing the same color (in fact I suggest avoiding that) but you should coordinate.  Pick about 2-3 colors to mix and match with.
9. Layers are good!!! Little sweaters, jackets, scarves, leggings, etc. can really add to a picture and bring in some of those colors.
10. Shoes, shoes, shoes!  If you have a nice outfit and junky shoes on, they stick out!! Don't forget the shoes.  Or, go barefoot! I love bare feet!!!
11. You don't have to buy new clothes...we can make something work with what you have.  In fact, a white t-shirt and jeans can be a very classic look, as long as it fits nicely and isn't junky. 
12. Newborns photograph best in their birthday suits.  If you want them wearing a diaper, bring some diaper covers.  Head bands, hats, etc.  Parents should bring some black tops and white tops for photographing with the newborn.
13. I do have some girl clothing, headbands, clips, etc. just ask me to bring them if you're interested.  I do have a limited amount right now, but they will work for some!
14. Wear something comfortable! You don't want to look uncomfortable or not be able to do some posing because of your clothing!  Make sure the kids are especially comfortable and not itchy, etc.  Also be aware of the location....don't wear white if we are going to be out in a field and getting dirty!  Unless you have a change of clothes for other locations.
15. Most of all, be you!  I want to capture "you!" 
16. Ask yourself if you want a portrait that is timeless or trendy?  Wear clothes accordingly!
I'll try to post some images occasionally of some sample outfits.
  You will most likely find good outfits from Target, Old Navy, Gap, Gymboree, Maltida Jane, etc. Etsy has several shops that sell handmade accessories, hats, clips, headbands and outfits too!