Friday, December 18, 2009

Picture Puzzle Blocks

I found this idea on the Roberts Craft Store website. Brianna loves puzzles like this, so I made this for her for Christmas. I followed the directions they had but wish I had cut the pictures just a little bigger so the pictures weren't so off in the middle. Things would've lined up a little better that way. Directions are below. For this craft you need:
  • Six 2 inch wooden blocks from a craft store. (Or you can adjust and you any size blocks you want.) When choosing the blocks try to make sure they really are square. The store I went to only had 6 left and one had a split in the block which doesn't allow it to fit properly.
  • 6 photos printed on real photo paper
  • Sand paper
  • Acrylic paint in desired color
  • Paper cutter
  • Modge Podge
  • Photo box (optional)
I didn't take pictures of each step, but it's pretty straight forward! Email me or comment if you have any questions.
First you will need to sand your blocks down just enough to get rid of sharp edges and roughen up the sides for paint to stick. Remove any dust from the blocks. Then paint a few sides of the blocks with your acrylic paint. You'll have to paint in sections so the paint can dry before you move to the other sides. While the paint is drying you need to cut your pictures into 6 squares using your paper cutter. I followed the size dimensions on the Roberts site but would suggest cutting your pictures just under 2 inch squares so they fit on the blocks but don't have too much space. Notice how the top middle block isn't squared up? That one has the split in it.
When your blocks are dry you can paint some modge podge onto a few blocks and paste your pictures. After all 6 squares of one picture are on, then paint more modge podge on top of the pictures. When one picture is done, rotate the blocks all in the same direction and repeat with your next picture. Working again a section at a time between drying times!

When it's dry you're all done! I have a small picture box thing that is 4x6 inches and fits the blocks perfectly. It's optional, but a nice way to hold the blocks. I imagine you can get one at a craft store!
Brianna loves her new puzzle blocks! Miranda has even gotten ahold of them and sucked on them and they've shown no wear yet, but we're not even a week into playing with them!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Hull Family

This family is the definition of "true friends." I could never explain in one post what great people they are! This good woman is always there when you need her, even if she's having a rough day herself, she wouldn't tell you and would just help you anyway! Because they are always doing sooooo much for me, like watching my girls two nights in a row this week, amongst a million other things I wanted to give back a little. So we went on a photoshoot as a trade for all of the babysitting and other help they've given us! Here is their fun family! So cute! Little Miss "A" is full of so much personality! Awww, so sweet!
Yes, there was a lot of laughing in this photoshoot! They are too much fun!
A big thank you to the Hulls for being the best friends ever and the best examples! You always do so much for everyone else! I'm glad we were able to spoil your family for one night!

Key Fob Winner!

The winner of the key fob is......

#12 which was Kristina Noall. I know you moved today, so send me your new address and I'll ship it to you!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lee Family

***Reminder, there's one day left to enter the key fob giveaway. You have until Friday, December 11th at midnight to enter! Your odds are good as not too many people know about my blog yet!!! See below to enter!***

This good woman is Miranda's therapist! She has been kind enough to do some therapy in exchange for a family photoshoot! It's to this woman that I owe some thanks for my daughter starting to finally feel better!!! Here she is with her cute family!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Key Fob Giveaway and Sale!

(For some reason this didn't post when I thought it did, so I've extended both the giveaway and Key fob sale until the 11th!)

I think we are definitley past due for another giveaway. Due to being out of town and then having two sick girls I've neglected my blogs! I have all of craft items back from the craft fairs I've entered so I'll be filling up my etsy shop!

So, this giveaway is for the key fob listed below
I absolutley love my key fob! Ever set your keys down to load your kids or groceries in the car and lose them? Or lock yourself out? Can't find your keys in the bottom of your purse or diaper bag? Well these key fobs fit on your wrist so you don't have to set them down if you don't want to! They are also much easier to find in your never ending bag! And, well I just think they're plain cute! Want to win this one? Here's how to enter:

  • Leave a comment (include your email so I can contact you)

  • Follow my blog and tell me about it in another comment (just remind me if you're already a follower)

  • Blog about this giveaway on your blog (and then tell me in a comment)

  • Purchase an item from my etsy shop and then leave a comment.

You have until midnight on Friday, December 11th to enter when I'll use to find a winner!

I am having my annual Key Fob Sale, but this year they're only $5.75!!! This sale will also last through December 11th! After that my key fobs will go back up to $6.50! These make great stocking stuffers or Christmas gifts for teachers and friends. Go to my etsy shop to see what I've listed ( I have almost 30 to list so if you don't see them all yet, come back in a few hours!) You can also purchase them directly from me if you're local just contact me