Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wall Display Ideas and New Products

Here's another idea for you to display pictures! I put a collection of canvases and grouped them on a large wall up between the girl's rooms. I love it! Every morning when I walk out of my room I see these pictures and it makes me happy! Now I just need to add some vinyl wording or something above it!

If you want to make a similar grouping, the sizes I used were: 6 10x10s on the sides, 2 vertical 16x20's and 2horizontal 12x16's. By doing a grouping I was able to put my themed tea party up and get the whole feel of the shoot together! One of my new favorite products to order has to be the mini accordian albums. They perfect at a 3x3 square book! You can have images on both the back and front cover, or leave those empty and just put pictures on the inside of the book. The pictures are press printed on the inside, and the backside. They come in sets of 3 books (they can be different pictures, or 3 of the same book) which make perfect gifts for the Grandparents. Keep one for yourself, and give the other 2 away! These books are also magnetic so you can stick them up on the fridge with just the cover showing! I love em'!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mommy and Me Mini Session: Avery and Marissa

This is sweet Avery from one of my Mommy and Me mini sessions. I tell you what, I had a hard time keeping this a secret from her daddy! It was his Father's Day present, so I had to wait to post things, and whenever I saw her daddy I had to keep my mouth shut! (I'm not very good at keeping presents a secret because I just get soooo excited. Soooo, now that Father's Day has past I can finally share some pictures of Avery!
She did not want to smile for me at first, but when I finally got super crazy she gave me some good ones! She is such a little doll! Thank you Marissa for bringing her in!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Rivers: Family Photographer

Miss Abigail is so adorable! She was the happiest girl this morning as we took pictures. She turned 1 last month, so the family wanted an updated family picture! We rewarded her with an ice cream cone at the end for all of her hard work! (And Cold Stone wasn't open yet, but after we called to see when they opened, they let us come in and get ice cream for her pictures! Love them!)

This picture cracks me up! I think this is her second time having ice cream...she wasn't so sure of it at first!

Still learning to walk! She thought this was absolutely fun!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pull Back Studio Shot

I get a lot of people asking if they can see my studio. My "studio" is just really my family room where I set up my backdrops, etc. I finally remembered to take a "pull back" shot so you can see a typical set up that I use for my studio photoshoots.

My favorite new thing for my studio is the roll up faux floor mats. They are kind of pricey, but they are worth it. They look like wood, but they really are a soft, padded mat that wipes clean and rolls up for storage. You get the nice wood look, with the comfort of a padded mat!

This set up is next to my sliding glass door. It is positioned at almost a 45 degree angle from the door to get the best lighting. I also have a reflector off to the right to bounce a little more light back on to the subject.
In this picture, you cannot see the white noise machine and small space heater that are just next to the reflector. This helps the baby stay warm, comfortable and sleepy through the session! They really are very important to your newborn photos! (If you're not sweating it's not warm enough in the room for the baby!) I also have a piddle pad under the blanket so if the baby has an accident it doesn't get everything soaked.
Let me know if you have any questions!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Marci and Tom: Married

This is such a beautiful and sweet couple! We captured some wedding images of them at the Sacramento Temple! Marci is a very talented crafter and soon I'll have some products of hers to show you!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bride and Groom: Sneak peek of a sneak peek!

Here's just one picture of several to post! Isn't this a gorgeous couple?!?!
Gotta get back to work!