Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pull Back Studio Shot

I get a lot of people asking if they can see my studio. My "studio" is just really my family room where I set up my backdrops, etc. I finally remembered to take a "pull back" shot so you can see a typical set up that I use for my studio photoshoots.

My favorite new thing for my studio is the roll up faux floor mats. They are kind of pricey, but they are worth it. They look like wood, but they really are a soft, padded mat that wipes clean and rolls up for storage. You get the nice wood look, with the comfort of a padded mat!

This set up is next to my sliding glass door. It is positioned at almost a 45 degree angle from the door to get the best lighting. I also have a reflector off to the right to bounce a little more light back on to the subject.
In this picture, you cannot see the white noise machine and small space heater that are just next to the reflector. This helps the baby stay warm, comfortable and sleepy through the session! They really are very important to your newborn photos! (If you're not sweating it's not warm enough in the room for the baby!) I also have a piddle pad under the blanket so if the baby has an accident it doesn't get everything soaked.
Let me know if you have any questions!


  1. Where do you purchase the faux floor mats? I have a barn wood floor seemless paper that I use, but what you described sounds like a much better option!