Sunday, June 5, 2011

Imagine Design Fashion Show: Megan Busath

I imagine Megan has been patiently awaiting this preview! I had a great time going to her fashion show and seeing these adorable outfits she made on her cute models! Try posing 5 little girls who all have certain ideas in their mind how they want to pose/stand/sit, etc and this is what you get! Silly, cute girls!
I was able to take their pictures before the show, but we were limited to the hotel they were at, so I finally found a location up in front of the hotel!

Megan did such a good job her on collection...don't you think? I also took some shots of her class mates collections. Some of the girls were more excited than others about walking the cat walk in front of all these people!!! Poor Jill had a melt down when she saw her aunt in the crowd sitting next to me and she thought she was going to be able to sit with us! Don't let this picture fool you...she's not happy! But she is oh so adorable!!!

These were such brave girls! They did a fantastic job showing off Megan's sewing skills!!

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