Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Londyn Ann: Newborn

    Stacy is a dear friend of mine and we were both excited for the upcoming birth of her daughter, Londyn Ann. We had been talking about her newborn session for a few months and were both excited to capture the little one and their family on camera. The morning of the scheduled session I got a text from Stacy saying she was in the Cardiac ICU! I was shocked! My friend nearly died hours before our photoshoot. I was terrified for her family as we waited to see what was going on, and why a woman who was in such great shape, and would run and exercise for hours up to the birth, was having issues with her heart. It was difficult to understand what her family was going through, and how difficult it must have been for their family for her to be away from her newborn! I asked Stacy if she would share a little of her experience with us. I was so thrilled to be able to meet up with them a week later and capture pictures of Stacy with her kids. Unfortunately her husband had to go back to work!
  Stacy's experience in her words (the condensed version!): 
  "Four days after I gave birth to our sweet Londyn, I began having what I thought was a panic attack. For a few hours I tried to "calm myself down" at home but my symptoms got worse. What started as my heart racing had turned into that plus chest and upper back pain, profuse sweating, dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, ringing in my ears and finally collapsing on the ground and incoherence in conversation. My husband rushed me to the ER and they did an EKG on me. My heart rate read at 276. I was whisked back from triage to the ER where I was quickly being hooked to new monitors and a team of 8-10 people began working on me. I was told that my heart rate was registering into the 300's and that if they didn't shock my heart back into rhythm, that it was going to stop. I panicked and told them I had felt better- my heart wasn't pounding the way it had been at home. The ER doctor informed me that this was because my heart was no longer pumping correctly and distributing blood- but more so just shaking and vibrating. At this point I began to cry and plead with them to save my life. I told them, "Don't let me die- I have three babies. I have a family who needs me- don't let me die." I cried and pleaded as my husband crumbled against the wall- and then it all went blank. I was given a sedative for the cardio aversion (shock), and woke up to a crying husband and only one nurse by my bed checking my IV. I was shortly taken for a CAT Scan which diagnosed that I had been born with a rare syndrome called Wolff Parkinson White that causes electrical misfirings in my heart. I was told I was being admitted to the cardiac ICU where I would await to talk with a cardiologist to discuss my options. The next day, I met with the doctor who explained that there was a catheter ablation procedure that could cauterize the tissue in my heart that was causing the misfire. This was to be a cure and great news. I had to stay in the ICU on monitor until the procedure. I had the procedure 4 days later and was released the next morning. All signs and tests indicate my condition is cured and I can return to normal life. During this experience I witnessed many miracles and tender mercies, brought through the power of prayer, priesthood and able and skilled hands of my doctors. Because of all the miracles, between being able to continue nursing my baby post medication, the ablation being in a place safe enough to ablate, having amazing insurance coverage, having an extremely accredited cardiologist who took his job very seriously, an amazing ER team that saved my life, wonderful nurses, a husband who is my hero and rushed me to the hospital, and an amazing family, wonderful friends, ward and community, I've learned that the Lord knows us and our needs and has a plan and purpose for all of us. I'm so grateful He saw fit to let me continue this life, grow old with my sweetheart and raise my three gorgeous children. No greater miracle than to have my beautiful life and I'm relishing every precious moment of it."
  What a wonderful opportunity I have had to witness this miracle, see prayers answered and have my faith strengthened by this amazing woman I can call my friend!

    Tears couldn't be held back as the reality of the moment hit us, that this almost wasn't possible a week prior. 

Doctors and Nurses were all surprised to see Stacy live through this!  We know it was a miracle, and truly a blessing from God, that she is still on this earth and able to raise her young family!!!

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