Saturday, January 5, 2013

Snow Angels: Sacramento Children's Photographer

I have had the idea of doing a Snow Angel photo session for awhile, but we don't get snow in the Sacramento Valley! I wanted to have a bunch of snow flakes hanging from the trees and after cutting a bunch out they somehow got lost. So last minute I cut some more out of doilies and ran out of string when we were hanging them! Meanwhile, my baby who also came along for the photo shoot was screaming bloody murder the whole time for the girl who I brought along as my helper! I felt so rushed and wasn't able to get all of the shots I wanted, and I didn't get very many detailed shots, but I do love the shots I got! I also had been thinking a lot of the children in Connecticut who lost their lives at the Sandy Hook Elementary. Like most other parents out there, I kept seeing my child in the pictures. I cannot imagine what their families are going through. I became painfully aware of how precious and short life is. I imagine these little kids are angels watching over their families. This first picture is how I think of those children looking on! A big thanks to my friend, Alisa, for letting me use her beautiful daughter as a model and coming along last minute!

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