Friday, March 15, 2013

Aubrey and Chloe: Sacramento Child Photographer

I met these cute girls last year! It was so fun to pull up to the spot and have Aubrey run up and give me a hug! I love all the friendships and connections I'm able to make with my job. Aubrey turned 5 and was about to celebrate her birthday so we had a quick photo session that morning. (This family tried to move away, but I think they missed me so much they are moving back next weekend! Ok, maybe it's not me that they missed, but I'm delighted they are coming back). Chloe has sure grown up this last year. She was really clingy to Dad, so we did all of her pictures while she held on for dear life! Anyway, here are the cute girls in some mustard fields!
  Their mom is super talented and made the girls their cute dresses!

Aubrey is quite the poser...she laid down and kept saying, "How about like this?  And this?"  Love her!

Silly goof ball!

Beautiful ballerina!

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