Wednesday, July 31, 2013


  I have been thinking a lot about the heroes we are surrounded by every day.  Lots of different types of people are heroes, but when I think of heroes I often think of people in uniforms as they symbolize heroism to me.  Just before the 4th of July a group of heroes (fire fighters) were killed protecting us from the fires that raged that day.  With this awful thing happening right before the 4th of July it made me start to think a lot about the heroes it takes to keep our country a safe and fun place to live.
   I just took an off camera flash course online and decided to try out some of the techniques I was learning.  I wanted to get that ball of fire type of sunset with a little fire fighter and a flag for the 4th.  Only problem was I didn't have any of the props, or a boy model to get it done, and I was leaving town the next day.  I am surrounded by awesome people though. I put on Facebook that I needed a costume, a flag and a boy in a few hours and I got all 3 things from 3 different people! Thank you to them for letting me play out my ideas!
   Emmett modeled for me this night and we had fun! I wish I hadn't chosen a spot with power lines, but it was just for practice with my flash so I didn't worry too much about it!
  I am so grateful for all of the heroes we are surrounded by!  My heart especially goes out to those families who have lost their heroes in the name of duty!

 I wanted to compare some natural light shots to the flashed shots and here is the difference!  I like different things about both, but the flash allowed me to get that beautiful sky that I had to lose when going for natural light.

 Cute little Finn just sat happily in his little car while we took some fast photos!

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  1. the one of Emmett holding the flag up high with the sun setting behind him is awesome!