Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Please Knock" In Style!

I decided it was time to replace the post it note taped to the doorbell that said, "Please Knock." When you have a baby who never sleeps, the last thing you want is the door bell to ring when she finally is sleeping!!! It's just so that when your baby is taking her first nap in days the Fed Ex guy comes and rings the bell! So, I've had to attach an ugly little piece of paper with my chicken scratch to remind people that I have a sleeping baby (or hopefully she's asleep!!!)

I came up with this to replace it and I love it! At least I think it looks better than a post it!! Plus it hangs over the doorbell so little curious fingers won't ring the bell over and over! Thanks again to the Cricut Expression and Vinly for the lettering. I think this would make a great gift for a new mom who could use some rest when the baby is sleeping! Now I just need a "No Soliciting" sign to keep all of the random people away that have been coming by lately! (Wow, that makes me sound like a Scrooge...but come on, who wants to talk to random people that are just begging for your money?!?! I'm always going to say no, so I'll just save them some time!)


  1. Cute sign. I had a sticky note taped to our doorbell in Vegas. If I had a cute sign like that I am sure it would have been stolen. No lie.