Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lime and Hot Pink Headband

This is my oldest daughter and she's really into headbands lately. I whipped this up last night while watching American Idol. (Excuse her messy hair, she had just gotten home from her "preschool" and it was cute before she left!!!)
I am mostly excited to share the dressed I made that match this headband, but I forgot to make baby bloomers (I'm half way done now!) and I'm waiting for a good sunny day to get some good shots of the girls in their dresses together! So, until then, enjoy the headband.

P.S. I'm planning on doing a new giveaway soon. Is there anything out there that you would love to win (that I can make)? Give me some ideas and it just may be the next giveaway!


  1. I could go for a cute apron ;)

  2. Maybe a vinyl cutout of some sort? And oh, how gorgeous that girl's eyes look in that last picture! Absolutely sparkling! And I LOVE the headband! :)