Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring has Almost Sprung

Wow, it's March! I am so excited for the spring! I made the girls some matching dresses from a pattern made by Pink Fig called the Lydia Dress. I love it, but shirring was not my friend this time around. I've tried it before and had success, but I was ready to pull my hair out this time! Maybe my machine could use a tune up?! I can't count how many times I had to undo the tops of the dresses, but I finally found a way around it that at least works for now!
On Thursday Bri was begging me for a photoshoot and since the sun was out and I had finished the dresses we packed up and went. A lot of my photoshoots with them are spur of the moment. (My friend Megan came along with her girls too! I have a few pics of them to share later!) By the way, I'm sure it's not normal for most kids to be begging to go on photoshoots!

Bri was easy at moments, and totally crazy at others! She's at that age where every smile is forced and not natural unless she's really laughing or smiling about something. Luckily she had lots of good moments too. Here are some of her shots!Please ignore the silver shoes...I didn't realize she had no matching shoes til we were walking out the door. Guess I get to go shopping! ( I still don't know what's causing this linking text...please help me undo it!!!)She reminds me of Alice in Wonderland here!Miranda is at a really challenging stage. She is so curious and on the move, that even with a helper I struggled keeping rocks, dirt and grass out of her fingers and mouth. She rarely looked up, no matter what I did. The pictures of the two together just didn't turn out at all. Oh well, here are a few of Miranda. Even containing her in a tub wasn't the answer. So pensive....she never sits still like this! I'm sure she was thinking, "When is this going to end?"

I made a a ruffled diaper cover, but never got around to taking a picture because she was constantly trying to stuff things in her mouth...and with all of her food allergies and stomach issues any foreign thing causes a lot of inflammation.


  1. The dresses turned out so cute! Your silly girls make for great models too...I love the last one of Miranda and the Alice in Wonderland of Bri.

  2. I love pink fig patterns, the dresses turned out GREAT! My machine doesn't love shirring either. I have a work around, but I don't love it. I think it's because my machine is like 30 years old, but who knows.

  3. I know why text is linked sometimes, but I don't know how to explain it (and I don't really know why it happens). Sometimes the text is linked to a picture in your post... it just means the html codes are in the wrong place. Before your second picture (of bri), there is probably an extra < a> that actually belongs before the tub pictures with miranda. I don't know if that makes sense, but hopefully.

    Also, I checked your widths of everything, your outerwrapper width is 950, the main width is 750 and the sidebar is 220. 750 and 220 add up to more than 950, so that's why it doesn't fit. It might need to be less to make up for "padding" as well. So you can go into the html part and look for #sidebar-wrapper and change the width to 175 or something. You'll probably have to play around and you can also shrink the main section a little too. Why didn't I just email you. :) Let me know if that doesn't help you at all!