Monday, March 15, 2010

Quilt for a Big Girl

I made Brianna a quilt for her new twin bed about a month ago. She had been falling out of her toddler bed every night, so it was time for something bigger. We found this trundle on craigslist, which has a pop up bed that equals the heighth of the twin to make a king size bed! We bought it for our guests (hint hint) so they'll finally have a place to sleep! It's not the best looking bed...but someday I'll add a head board or something to it! Anyway, I couldn't find bedding that I liked so I made a quilt for Brianna. It's not always cheaper to make stuff, especially if you're addicted to designer fabrics! I was going to make a dust ruffle and some other matching accessories, but the quilt just cost too much by itself! The fabric was a perfect match to her wall, and I had a hard time finding something this raspberry color!
I did add a binding to the edges and wish I hadn't been so impatient. I was in a hurry and just machine stitched the binding would've looked much better had I hand sewn it!


  1. That looks great. I am sure no one would ever know any different about the binding but you.

  2. It looks great. Where do you buy the designer fabrics?