Sunday, October 2, 2011


Just a heads up, but I will be out of the office this week! My husband and I will be on a much needed vacation by ourselves! We will be on a cruise, so please be patient if you can't get in touch with me! I look forward to some alone time with my spouse, but I'm sure I'll miss my kids! Thanks to good friends, I'm sure they will be taken well care of!
I just had to share this photo album with you! I loved designing it, but actually having it in my hands was the best!!! This is a nice padded album, with thick lay flat pages!

The middle of the pages allows for your picture to go all the way across the page, there is no ditch!

Thick, sturdy pages make this book very durable!

Want one for yourself? I can design many different types of books for you to display on your table. Sometimes it's hard to decide which photos you want to display...having a coffee table book allows you to display all of them!

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