Monday, October 17, 2011

Brianna: Goldilicious

I bought this backdrop forever ago and was so excited to use it...then I realized my girls didn't have anything to coordinate with the backdrop. Soooo, after some time I finally made Brianna a dress and matching head band to go along with the backdrop, and we still have put off her photoshoot. When my girls have their birthdays I like to do a few different photoshoots and put a book we finally did another 5 year photoshoot for Bri this weekend. I have one more in mind, then I'll finally get her book together!
I love the new backdrop! What do you think?

Photo Challenge SubmissionThis pictures was submitted to the I Heart Faces "Hey Girl" Challenge

Bri loves to pose and she loves to dance so she kept posing with moves she has learned in her dance class! She's such a fun girl to do photoshoots with!

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