Sunday, February 5, 2012

Almost 5 Months!

Well, I'm almost 5 months pregnant! As much as I don't like taking pictures of myself, I wanted to capture this time in my life. Seeing as it's a little difficult to take self portraits along with 2 little ones, I was surprised I got them both to cooperate while I used a remote to take our picture. I snapped this right before we left for church today! We are so excited to meet this bundle of joy! We find out on Valentine's Day what we are having and my girls are hoping for a little brother. Honestly, my husband and I don't care what gender the baby is but I think we are both a little nervous about boys because we haven't done that yet.
As far as photography, I plan on continuing to take portaits til the beginning to mid June and then I will be on maternity leave for the summer! I might be able to take on a photoshoot or two that is in my studio during the latter part of the summer. However, if this baby is also born with FPIES syndrome like my girls were then I might need a little more time off as we figure out the baby's specific dietary needs and health and work through the colic if needed. I'm crossing my fingers that the third times a charm but honestly, since it's genetic there is a high chance of it happening again and I'm a little anxious about it.
So, don't put off portraits if you're planning on having me take them this year! I will also be offering some family mini sessions most likely in March, date to be determined. I may also do a mini session for kids later in the spring with a lemonade stand or tea party set up, your choice! I'll give you dates as it gets closer! Thanks!

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