Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Olivia: 1 Years Old!

This little cutie is turning 1 this month!!! She is such a sweetie! Last time we got together with this family for pictures we got rained on. This time, the outside portion of our photos got rained out!!! Thankfully, we were still able to do her indoor photos! We will finish her outdoor photos next month (and pray for no rain!!!)
She was so proud of her cake smash!!! This picture cracks me up!

Sooo excited to see some sugar in front of her for the first time!

This face is killing me!!! How cute is she!!!! This chair was her mom's when she was a little girl! It was so fun to get pictures of her in it!

A little brotherly and sisterly love!

There is that cute squishy face smile again!!!

Happy Birthday sweet Olivia!!!! You are too cute for words!!

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