Thursday, April 26, 2012

Gwyneth: 1 Year

I met this adorable family last year when they were pregnant with little Gwyneth!!! It has been so much fun to capture her every few months during her first year!!! Unfortunately they moved away just after our photoshoot and I am sad!!!  Here is Gwyneth at 1 year!!

 We used this picnic basket during their maternity shoot so it was fun to incorporate it again!
 Gwyneth doesn't do a whole lot of little smiles....when she's happy, you'll know it!!! I love it !! It's contagious!

 Her Grandparents have been here for a while helping pack and watch Gwyneth before the big move! She LOVES them!

 Sitting in Great Grandma's old chair!

 Gwyneth was not a huge fan of the cake!!

 See, she is a seriously happy little girl!

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