Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Gardners

I was able to travel to Utah last week to visit for my mom's 70th Birthday Party! I can't believe she is 70!!! She doesn't look a day older than 50 or act like it either! It was fun to see most of my family and introduce them to baby Allie. Unfortunately Allie was pretty fussy that weekend. Anyway, my brother, Peter, also had a birthday and we had a very short window to sneak in a family photo session. Here is the beautiful Peter and Camille Gardner family!


  1. What a cute family! Great job Erin!

  2. I seem to remember Peter's oldest daughter in a bunny costume when she was a toddler from sometime when we were roommates. Wow! What a great family!

  3. Wow Jess! That is an amazing memory!!! Such a long time ago! I miss being your room mate! :)