Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Williams Family

 This was my first official portrait session since I had my baby! It was so nice to be back out there and taking pictures!  Unfortunately, when I showed up at the park which I had to pay for a photographer's pass, I was surprised to see about a dozen people smoking marijuana. They all drove fancy cars and kind of seemed like the Russian Mafia.  The smell was so strong and the people creeped me out enough that we left to a nearby location that I literally had found minutes before our session!  And I'm glad I found it because I really like it!
  I had a great time spending the evening with this fun family!  They are getting ready to send their oldest son off on a 2 year mission for their church.  It was time to get family photos before he leaves!
  Here's the beautiful bunch!

 They are going to miss him!!

 He is ready to go!
Thank you Williams family for such a fun time!!

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