Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Allen Family: Sacramento Family Photographer

Saying good bye to friends can be so hard. This sweet family was one of the first families we met when we moved into this neighborhood 2 years ago. They quickly opened their home and had us over for dinner and made sure we were included in things. I have seen them reach out over and over again to so many people. They will be truly missed around here. They are moving to Texas on Friday, and we are so excited for their new adventures, but we are going to miss them here! Texas, you're in luck, you are gaining an amazing family! One thing I learned on this photo shoot is that I am not good at knock knock jokes! These boys love them....and I couldn't think of a single one! Not one!!! I've never been one that was good at memorizing things I hear, I'm much more of a visual person. So, I'm asking you to comment with your best knock knock joke, or kid's joke and I hope that by seeing it written down I won't be stuck with nothing coming to mind again! I came home and asked my 6 year old if she knew any knock knock jokes and she quickly told me the Boo Hoo knock knock joke. Put me to shame! :) So, help a lady out and share your funnies with me! Allens, you will be missed! We love your sweet family! I can't wait to see pictures of your new home with your new family portraits displayed on the walls! I'll give you some time to get around to that though! :)

 I love this sibling shot!  Big brother adoring his baby sister!!! This needs to be blown up really big for the walls in their new home!

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