Friday, February 22, 2013

Kasten Family: Sacramento Family Photographer

 Kate has to be the cutest thing ever!!!  It was so fun taking pictures of her, and I think she even enjoyed it as well!

 Awww, high school sweet hearts and they are still so in love!

 Mom wanted to show case some of her indivualism in their photos.  Josh is a gamer!  He was very careful not to get his games dirty!  He wasn't enjoying pictures too much until we brought out his games.  Then his face lit up!

 Nick is quite the musician!  He plays the oboe and the piano very well!!!  I want to hear him play someday!

 Kate loves stuffed animals, so she brought some furry friends to have pictures with!

 Becca the baker!

 If you need a model, I would totally suggest Becca!  She was so good at posing and switching things up! She must watch America's Next Top Model!  She was soooo fun to take pictures of!  I hear she is quite the baker...and a gluten free baker at that!

 Tawny, you are gorgeous!!!

 Tawny's best friend, Rebecca, came along on the photo shoot.  They have taken pictures with, Becca, the Kasten's oldest daughter ever since she was born!  Here she is with her name sake and her Mommy!
 One of the most patient Dads I've had!

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