Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Teerlink Family

The Teerlink family! We had so much fun exploring new locations for photos! They were adventurous and followed me all around "nowhere land." They also had a lot of patience with me as we dealt with the bright sun and finding the best place for photos!
This lucky dad is surrounded by 5 gorgeous women! I'm sure he has to beat young men with a stick to stay away from his 4 beautiful daughters!

Alexandra is leaving for a mission soon and they wanted some fun photos to share the news! They borrowed some vintage suitcases from friends and they were perfect!!!She seems so sweet! I'm sure she will be a fantastic missionary!Adrianna is tall, beautiful and photogenic!Daniella has the most beautiful eyes!Olivia is just stinkin' cute and seems like so much fun to be around!Here are the two who started it all! Dawn, thanks for letting me take pictures of your beautiful family! I hope you like them!

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