Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Gibson Family

I had a great time photographing the Gibson family last night!
Do little girls come any cuter than this? Jill just turned 3 and gave us a reason for the photoshoot besides a long overdue family photo!Silly girl! She reminds me of my oldest! So expressive!This cracked me up...she took a break during our pictures to get her "exercises" in. She literally did some perfect pushups for several minutes! Work it Jill!!!The beautiful Mama!Lucas, the big brother!Mason, the middle child! These guys were silly and all 3 kids were on the run! It was quite a
night trying to get some still pictures, but we had some fun! The "we're bored" look! They wanted something less serious! I love Mason on the left, "Are we done yet? I can't handle any more of this!"

Ahhh, worth it!Thank you to the Gibson's for a fun night! And I got to try out my new photoshop actions from Paint the Moon Photography. I love them!


  1. I Love Love Love Them....I am amazed how well they turned out. You are a miracle worker.