Thursday, July 8, 2010

Utah Cousins

This is my niece Morgan. Isn't she so cute? If she was mine I would blow this picture up big on a canvas and hang it on my wall! She wasn't sure about the camera...but once I showed her the pictures on the camera she kept coming back for more!

A little vanilla black and white...I typically love bold color, but this soft black and white also makes me happy! This was not a formal shoot, just a few quick photos at a family BBQ, but it might as well have been formal!Could she be any more of a cheeseball? Brianna just thinks her cousin Lexi is hilarious! And Lexi's goal in life was to make Bri laugh so they had a good ol' time playing. Bri misses her tons!Here is "Cookie" as Bri calls her. I ran a new photoshop action called "Delight" on her that has a vintage feel! I love it with the lighting and her outfit!

Robbie is such a sweetheart!
Maddie is getting so old! She's 11 and is the best helper. She loves to play with the kids and adults and is just so much fun to be around! She hung out with us for a full day! Maybe she can move in with me for the rest of the summer!!! I'm sure her mom would miss her though!
And here's a lesson to Zach...if you only take silly pictures that's what I'll post on the blog! He's a goofball! Gotta love him! Bri is afraid of this picture!Brianna loved the park down the street and could swing for hours if allowed!

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