Friday, July 9, 2010

Headshots: Dawn

Brace yourself, because this is one beautiful woman! She's my friend Dawn and she needed some headshots. Boy did we have a blast taking pictures! She was so easy going and willing to do whatever I suggested (even laying on bird poop and ants....that's dedication!) Anyway, she's a very talented singer and is going to a Broadway Training program next week. She needed some headshots and this is what we got!

This first picture just takes my breath away..isn't she gorgeous!?!?
I know you're going to ask, but no, I didn't touch up her eyes! They are just naturally that beautiful? Jealous? Me too! After getting the headshot pictures done we just played around and had some fun! I love this stairwell that we found! This location is about 2 minutes from my house...woo hoo for a close location!!!

So, do you have a personal favorite? Because we had a really hard time choosing the headshot she was going to print!


  1. numbers 1, 5 & 6 i think are the best.

  2. I think I like #2 the best. Isn't Dawn so beautiful, inside and out? :) Love that girl. And wonderful pictures, as usual!

  3. Awesome! Dawn was my big sister at girl's camp! I love her!