Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Faces

Brianna's preschool had their Harvest Festival today! The girls and I had a lot of fun! Grandma Langstraat sent a Halloween package a few days ago with these cute costumes! I decided to try my hand at face painting for the first no laughing! I wish I had better paints and brushes for faces because I could have lots of fun with this! Maybe some day I'll do face painting at one of their birthdays...but I shouldn't get ahead of myself, I'm definitely a beginner!
Ummm, my favorite picture that captures her personality!!! I got away with calling her Panda in public without silly looks today!

Best friends!

What are your kids/grandkids going to be for Halloween this year?
Brianna is also going to be Sleeping Beauty for our church party tomorrow...she wishes she could dress up as something else every day! And she's hoping I'll paint her face pink tomorrow for Sleeping Beauty!

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