Thursday, November 4, 2010

Adalyn and Camille

I got the chance to take pictures of my good friend's girls the other day! They were adorable! Adalyn just turned three and Camille is going to be 6 months old, so they were due for some pictures! We met at the Old City Cemetary for pictures! I had never been before and can't wait to go back and explore sometime, when we're not dragging 4 little kids around!

Adalyn has so much personality, and it really shows in her photos! She had the hardest time being serious and sitting still, which made some great REAL photos!Between falling out of the chair and jumping around, she gave me some of the best faces!Camille has to be the sweetest baby I know! I'm always surprised when I see happy babies, since neither of mine were. She just sat there content even when not being held or given any attention....that always makes my jaw drop! I held and bounced both of my kids for a year before that ever happened! Anyway, here is the sweetest girl!

And I know she's not smiling in this one, but I just think it's so sweet!

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