Saturday, November 13, 2010

First Mini Session!!!

Wow, what a great and long day! I had 4 photoshoots today! (It was originally supposed to be 6!!!) I had a wonderful time getting to know new families and photographing some old friends. Today was my first day of mini sessions and I loved it! I will be adding some small changes for next time now that I have one under my belt and have things figured out a little bit more! So, look for some more mini sessions in the spring if you're interested!!!
Here's the first family of the day! I met their youngest when taking the preschool pictures and they hired me to do their family portraits! I am flattered!!! They had to be the easiest family to take portraits of!

Aren't these the two cutest little girls you've ever seen??They really do like eachother!!! At least, they did in front of the camera...I can't vouch for what goes on at home!!! That's all the editing I had time for today, so keep coming back to see more of today's sessions!!!

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