Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sadie: Newborn Photography

This is beautiful Sadie who I had into the studio last week! She's a doll and I absolutely love her family as we've been friends since we moved here! Sadie had a great first 20 min then she got really fussy and we had a hard time capturing the other things we wanted....but man alive did she do great in that first 20 min!
So I just couldn't help's the longest sneak peek ever.....and I know I say that a lot....I think I just keep making longer and longer posts! Enjoy!

The big brother who is only 15 months old! She is just as cute as he is!!!

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  1. These are just gorgeous, Erin! I love the two fingers in her mouth. Can't beleive Jonah was ever a week old. You have quite a gift for captuing such a fleeting time.