Friday, May 13, 2011

Halle Capri

Be prepared for some serious cuteness! My friend just had her baby last week and she has to be the most beautiful baby I've ever seen! She has beautiful, full lips, a head of dark hair and the cutest facial features! I cannot be blamed for anyone that sees this baby and gets baby hungry! She's just that cute! Her name is Halle Capri and she is a tiny little baby at 5 days new!
I had two photoshoots on Thursday and asked the mothers to go dairy free for 48 hours prior to the photos. They both kindly obliged and it made the biggest difference with the newborn photos. Babies have a hard time digesting the protein in dairy until their stomachs mature so milk that the mother eats tends to cause most babies to be gassy and uncomfortable in varying degrees. I will be asking all future mommy clients to do the same! Newborn shoots are hard, there is a lot of man handling the baby, and moving them around and having their tummy happy makes a huge difference! These mommies made it sooooo much easier. And I was able to get some of the harder poses I've been trying to get for this one!

And she even let me do the pose twice!!! I'm loving this new hat I got on etsy!This is another pose I've been dying to get for a long time! My talented husband built me the bed for my girls for Christmas (and for me for photoshoots). I only painted the bed and made the bedding and mattress. I think this photo would look fabulous blown up huge on a gallery wrap canvas in her nursery!!!

I was also contacted a few weeks ago by my friend, Nicole, from Ruffles and Fringe who is uber talented! She made this precious headband! She is a local, but anyone can buy her headbands through etsy here. She makes headbands from newborns up to adults and I absolutely LOVE them! Another gorgeous new headband design by Nicole at Ruffles and Fringe.And yet another beautiful creation of Nicole's at Ruffles and Fringe.
Here is the blue version of the first headband! I so want one for myself!

Congratulations Stephanie and Ryan! Halle is completely adorable! And hang tight everyone else, because I have another cute newborn girl to post next!


  1. Oh my goodness! She is a doll and the photos are gorgeous!

  2. i can't stop giggling! we all gathered around the computer and checked them out! they are absolutely adorable! thank you erin!!!!

  3. Amazing! You are so talented Erin! What a beautiful baby and such beautiful shots!

  4. hmmmmm I am tempted to have another baby to be able to get amazing pictures like these. Erin the pictures are fabulous. Stephanie she is soooo beautiful. Love, love, love the pictures. Good luck choosing your favorite.

  5. exactly, Jess - how do you choose?? You'll have to turn her room into a photo gallery with 11x17s of all of them.