Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tea Party Time

I have been dreaming about a photoshoot like this one for about a year! I knew that when Miranda turned two I would attempt it. She has to be one of the most difficult subjects for me to photograph. I was hoping that by having something to "do" I could try to get her to sit still for a few seconds! The photos didn't turn out quite how I had imagined them, but I love them anyway! I took the girls to the Capitol Rose Gardens where they had a tea party! I kind of wish I had used fake cupcakes because their mouths were constantly stuffed and it made it difficult to get a good picture. I also believe Miranda ate the top of at least four cupcakes! (Don't worry, they are allergy free cupcakes). She apparently had a sugar high as I ended up chasing her around the Rose Gardens to get a picture!
Enjoy! Now I need to decide which ones to blow up for a collection on the wall! Are there any specific ones that you think should be up on the wall?This child's crazy hair matches her personality. (I'm not sure why these pics are so pixealted on the blog, because they aren't really that way!) You know the poem that goes: There was a little girl with a curl right in the middle of her forhead. When she was good, she was very very good, but when she was bad she was horrid! That's my girl! She has such a strong personality!
For those that I know are going to ask: I bought Miranda's dress at Gap a in the fall. I made Brianna's dress and both girls' hair accessories. (Brianna's dress is made of pre ruffled fabric from The tea cart I bought at a yard sale this weekend, along with the napkins.


  1. Hey Erin, just wanted to say I think these are so adorable! What a cute idea. :) good job on the dresses too!