Friday, September 16, 2011

Ahhhh, computer troubles!!!

I guess the only thing worse for a photographer than having a broken computer is to have a broken camera!!! I bought a new Dell laptop last November. A month died. Out of the blue...dead! I lost everything that I didn't back up. They sent me a new one calling the last one a "lemon." I learned my lesson, and Iback just about everything up that I do on the computer.
Yesterday I was working on the computer, left to do something in the other room and when I came back my screen was just black and gray with horizontal lines running through it!!!! Nightmare for someone who relies on their computer for work! After spending the entire day today on the phone with Dell and at a friend's house who works on computers I need to wait til next week when someone can come out to look at it! Soooo, please be patient with me as I wait to be able to use my programs again!
Sure, I can do email on other people's computers, like I'm doing now. I can't however use my photoshop and actions that I do for editing! So this week I will be practicing some patience as I won't be able to edit the photoshoots I have done, and will be doing.
Can someone promise me I won't have another "lemon" computer after next week?

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