Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Daniella: Senior

It's that time again! The seniors start pouring in and I get to have the best photoshoots! I love working with seniors! They are so excited about life. They are happening upon one of the most memorable years of their shool life and I get the opportunity to capture them at this special time!
Daniella is not only a beautiful girl, but someone with great character! Here is to her senior year!

I've been wanting to try this shot for awhile. The light was gone and we were trying to hurry, but I love that is is fun and different. I wish I had a little bigger frame though!

Isn't she a natural beauty?

Daniella dances and sings, and we wanted to try and capture that! She is with the Galena Street company!


Thank you so much Daniella and Dawn! I had a great time!! Good luck with your senior year!

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