Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Andrew and New Indoor Studio

I bought a few new things for my indoor studio and was so excited to try it out on Andrew! This shoot was all natural light, something I used to be so afraid of. Now that I've embraced it, I may never go back!

Isn't he still just so adorable?
Andrew is a huge fan of balls of any sport! When he comes to my house he goes straight for the ball box I have stored away. He even says "ball" when he sees my house! We had so much fun as I was dodging the balls that he would throw at me while taking pictures!And you can never go wrong with a lollipop, right? Any kid will sit there and smile if they can have one of these! I just need to go restock!What a doll! Thanks again Joanna for letting me practice on Andrew with my new studio equipment! He's the best model!


  1. Those are great Erin! Even I would sit there if I had a lollipop like that ! ;o)

  2. He needs to be on the cover of a Parents Magazine. Those are so great! Looks like we will have to do another trade one of these days. Those pics look fantastic! Good Job Erin!

  3. I told Jeff that if we could still have kids we would so that you could be his/her private photographer! These pics are beautiful!