Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lieutenant Morris

I was asked to take photos for a Lieutenant in the CHP since he is retiring this week! He needed a portrait in his full uniform. I asked if he could bring a patrol car, and it's one fancy car! I've never done a photoshoot like this before, with a car as a prop and a professional in uniform! So, I was really nervous but I had scouted out a new site with this old building, and I am in love! I love the raw texture, color, and character that this building provides as a backdrop!

I love this photo! Who doesn't want a fun kissing on the car photo with their spouse? These two are so in love! It was so much fun to take their pictures!

Pictures with his supportive and beautiful wife! Don't you love the bricks in the background?They were cracking me up with how silly they were together! So much laughter and fun! I hope my husband and I are always as happy as they are! One hot Mama!!! Her eyes are gorgeous and just popped out with color with this wall! She is throwing his retirement party this week and has already put so much into it!

So, good bye to the CHP and hello to Homeland Security where he'll be starting the day after he retires! Doesn't he realize he could take a little time off and actually retire? Even if just for a week? What a hard worker! Thanks for letting me take your photos, I had such a great time!

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  1. Erin I totally love this. It makes me want to be a CHP officer even more. Truly inspiring. You Should take my pics when I graduate from the academy.