Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Dresses

My girls in their Easter Dresses. I had some fancy fabric and a different pattern chosen, but Brianna wouldn't have it! She wanted a dress that was pink and green and white...luckily I had some fabric in those colors that coordinated. (Recognize the pink fabric? It's the left over from Brianna's comforter! I love being able to use "scraps.") My little "designer" is starting to have too much say in what I sew!!! A sisterly strangle!!!I might be a little obsessed with the fabric rose flowers!! I have so many things I want to put them on. I had made a larger one, but Brianna insisted that she needed 5 flowers on her dress. She wanted them all large, and 2 on her sleeves....we settled with 3 smaller ones! Now I want to adorn all of their clothes with them!Miranda is still so distracted with what's on the ground for outside this was the best we got!
I love Easter and the fresh colors of new life we find everywhere! Hope yours is a good one!


  1. So, so darling. I wish I was a better seamstress!

  2. Those are really beautiful dresses.

  3. the sisterly strangle is fantastic!! Great shot!