Saturday, September 18, 2010

Emma and Grant

I think I just had the world's easiest photoshoot last night! These two adorable kids were so incredibly easy to work with! In fact, in the end I felt like I maybe should have been paying them to take their pictures! They were so good! I had the hardest time narrowing down some pictures to show and I still have to filter through the hundreds left to see which ones I'll be editing for the cd!
I LOVE this shot! Isn't she a beauty! She is going to be turning 8 and is getting baptized, so we took pictures in her white dress by the temple!

The silliness began here! I don't think he stopped smiling once. In fact, half of the time he was just giggling like he heard the best joke, I didn't have to do anything to get him to smile!

Grant really loves his sister, he held onto her so tight throughout the whole photoshoot!

Grant with his "light saber!"

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