Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Little Super Hero

Oh, to be so young and care free! To have an imagination that can take you anywhere and let you be who you want to be, if even just for a few minutes! Even though she seems like she is just wearing a costume, my little girl really is a hero to me! She faces her specific challenges in life with such strength and faith! Today she came up to me and asked me why she was so much smaller than her friends and why she has so many food allergies and I just held her and told her it was because she was so special! She was satisfied with that and then asked if we could watch Jesus walk on water for Family Home Evening this week, because he's magical and he made her! Oh, how I love her!


  1. I love her too because she's awesome and so are the pictures. I especially love the last's so wonderfully her.

  2. Call me a sap, but this post made me cry.