Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wall Displays

You have come and had your pictures taken and narrowed down your favorites, but now what? I've had several people ask what they should do with their photos to display them! Too many people just print 4x6 pictures for scrapbooks, or albums. This display guide can show you the statement you can make with your photos! It can show you how tiny an 8x10 may look in a space, and how a 16x20 can really fit your space. I came across this Wall Display Guide from Ariana Falerni and jumped on the chance to purchase it! She has several rooms with different walls for you to "imagine" your pictures on. There are a variety of templates with canvases or framed prints! So, if you need help visualizing your photos in your home, come ask me to help you out! Here are just 2 samples, I'll try to share more over time!

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